This site aims to provide information about microdermal implants which are now available to be performed in various body modification studios all over the UK and beyond. Similar to transdermal or any other surface implant this new type of piercing is clean and safer than many others (rejection rates being cited as low as 2%), giving the result of jewellery that seemingly comes out from the skin.

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Micro Dermal Implant Procedure

Microdermal Implants

The base of the jewellery is flat and has a hole which allows the tissue to anchor around it, therefore keeping it in place. The piercer will puncture a hole in your skin then fit the micro dermal implant of your choice, care as with any piercing is requited and the piercer will advise you on this.

Almost any part of the body can have such piercings and these will take up to three months to heal properly. In order to remove them you will need to return to a qualified piercer and a small amount of scarring may occur so ensure you are aware of this beforehand.

You will need to phone in advance to any piercing studio that is is in your local area to ensure they can do this procedure, however the results are quite stunning. As per usual check you have ID on you to make sure you meet the requirements of the studio you wish to have this piercing performed at, at your own risk. Be sure to make sure you note down the aftercare process as you would do with any piercing. Micro dermal implants are available at a wide number of studios but ensure you phone beforehand.

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